‘Design- led, natural textiles for the conscious consumer.’


Who We Are

AMMA is a social enterprise providing employment and training primarily to young mothers living on Sri Lanka's tea estates. We create beautiful plant dyed textiles, encouraging consumers to 'open their eyes' to this ancient art and become aware of the negative impact that the fashion and textile industry has on our world. 

We make all of our products in our rural workshop, using handwoven cotton and 100% plant dyes. We source food waste such as avocado stones and pomegranate skins from hotels and restaurants along with foraging for fallen leaves and sourcing medicinal plants to produce our dyes. 

Everything evolves around the dyes, this is why things take time. Small batch production means every piece is one of a kind. We are here for the customer who sees beauty in the hand crafted and appreciates the subtle changing colours achieved through natural dyes. 

Our Products

Since the beginning our focus has been on creating high quality fabrics; handwoven, naturally hand dyed and handmade. From this we make a considered selection of soft furnishings for the home and in the near future timeless womenswear garments.

We also work with other likeminded businesses to produce custom items, small accessories such as tote bags and pouches. Along with providing textile design services to hotels and villas.


At AMMA we believe that providing sustainable employment which gives skills and empowerment to women is the way to eradicate poverty. This is why we work rurally in the Sri Lankan Highlands, providing apprenticeships and jobs to unemployed mothers and young women from the tea picking community. We produce naturally dyed fabrics to develop our seasonal colour pallets, then proceed to form design-led, toxic free, mother made products for the conscious consumer. 




AMMA is a social enterprise of Tea Leaf Vision (TLV), an organisation who provides high quality education to disadvantaged youth living in and around Sri Lanka's tea estates. TLV’s aim is facilitating the development of tea estate communities through practical and relevant education. AMMA is supported by the staff and community of TLV with the aim of reinvesting profits generated by AMMA back into TLV initiatives in the future. You can find more about the work of Tea Leaf vision and their UK partner Tea Leaf Trust here


TRAID is a UK based charity that works to recycle and reuse waste clothing and textiles. They take a circular and sustainable approach to the problems caused by clothes waste, tackling disposal, consumption and education. TRAID uses funds generated by clothing sales to fund international development projects that are acting as catalysts of change in the textile industry. Since September 2018 AMMA is thrilled to be one of the projects chosen to receive TRAID funding. You can find out more about the work of TRAID here.


Since the idea of AMMA came about, it has been supported and funded by many generous individuals who took a risk. We couldn't be more thankful. 

AMMA is also supported by restaurants and hotels in Sri Lanka who donate food waste which is then repurposed into dyes. Again, we couldn't be more thankful. 

If you are a business which uses onions, pomegranates or avocados and want to start collecting for us, please contact us here.