Across the hatch, words fly as grown coloured cotton is cut, pressed and sewn into something purposefully considered. 

Mothers hands make her focused mind create.

Outside is everyday, The path she has walked on since a child, a path her child now walks on. 

Will we see this horizon shift? Will her hands, her eyes that see lead to unfamiliarity? A welcome strange. 

You'll hear her sing if this formula is true. Sustainability through and through.


Open your eyes. 

Grown colour, passed through mothers hands. 

Leaf plucked, washed and placed into a silver pot on a warm stove under a dry roof. 

She stirs with wooden tongs, pulling and pressing the cotton.

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amma = mother

 AMMA is a social enterprise start-up that trains and employs mothers in Sri Lanka's central highlands. 

Our focus is on growing and harnessing colour from food waste and local plants. 

We use these colours to create beautiful textiles that are safe, natural and toxic free. 

open your eyes

Its so simple. Colour has been extracted from plants, earth and flowers since time began. We are not original.

But not everyone sees how we see. 

We see a supply chain that utilises food waste from hotels, cafes and juice bars. That waits for our dye plants to grow, so slow. That thinks about the balance & rhythm of nature, and the capacity of our mother makers. 

AMMA is a gentle protest to our synthetic friends. We are what we are; delicate colour that adapts and changes with time just like all of us. It requires more mother power, energy and time, but that's fine because slow cooked porridge always tastes better. 


our mother makers

Good job we picked the hardest working sector on the planet.

AMMA was ignited in partnership with local charity Child Action Lanka. Our mothers come from the tea picking communities they work with. This means that our workshop is open between 9.30am - 12.30pm whilst their children are playing in the pre-school up the road. 

We pay a fair wage to the mothers we train and employ, we also provide a savings scheme that helps families save and plan for the future.