A Mother's Thoughts

Tea estates, Nuwara Eliya

This blog post was written by AMMA Communications and Community Officer Johanna, for World Children’s Day.

I had to interview the AMMA mothers about their experience of becoming a mother, it is said; there is no one who knows about you better than your mum “A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend”. 

I first interviewed Mrs.Tharuka* who is a caring mother at our work place, she is blessed with two boys. As her life is full of ups and downs, she gains all her strength from her kids. So I asked her about her experience at different stages of her kids life from infants to teenagers and then adults.

She said that she was so excited when she welcomed her first baby, she was so happy and felt that she had got all the happiness in the world, this was the meaning of being a mother.

She said  her kids were amazing kids, they sometimes had small fights with each other when they were small but her love towards them never changed. Even now they are adults there bond is still the same, she believes the bond she has with her children will never change. 


Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

I asked for the qualities of both her kids she said to me that both of them were very unique in their ways. She has a few problems with her husband who is an insecure person. Her eldest son is 20 years old and she gets all the security she didn’t receive from her husband from him, he takes responsibility for the family. She was once his guardian and now her son is her guardian. Her younger son is in grade 10, he is 15 years old and has a childish quality about him  but is still a very sensitive person, he is a good listener. 

She never forced them to do studies as it is not the only way to live, as she is not a mother who wants her dreams to be fulfilled by them, but wants them to be a good citizens to this country by achieving their dreams.

Her elder son wants to be the best computer engineer in the world one day. Her husband always wanted her younger son to be a farmer, so his dream is to become a good farmer one day. 

It was quite interesting that her elder son wants to go to Jamaica because he can have a floating house which is small and surrounded by the natural gifts of god like trees and lakes, he wants to grow vegetables and be self sustaining. He longs for a simple life where people don’t come and bother him. The reason for his choice was due to the family issues that he experienced at home so he wants to gain some peace of mind, but he still loves Sri Lanka. 

Last but not the least  her only reason for living is her kids to be happy and guide them and protect them in this life journey and to see them succeed in their career, family life etc and then she can move on with her life with god and find peace.

* Name changed to protect the women’s identity

Photos by Megan Brown