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We love the opportunity to share more about our social enterprise with the world. It always amazes us that from our rural town in the highlands of Sri Lanka, the story of our AMMAs can impact many. The following articles delve into the topics of sustainable fashion, garment production and natural dyeing. Enjoy!

AMMA: Fostering A Responsible Future For Fashion

Keisei Magazine

“When constructed fairly, business is a powerful tool for women to enrich the lives of their families and communities.”

This article was written by AMMA’s Social Justice and Communications Intern Izzy. It explores the effects of the garment industry on people and the planet and includes beautiful quotes from the AMMA team and insights into how AMMA works to create long-lasting change.

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Wearing The Earth

Selvedge Magazine

“AMMA delights in the fact there is a narrative behind each garment. A big part of each product’s story comes from AMMA’s process of dyeing. 100% of AMMA’s fabrics are dyed using plants, food waste and flowers. Onion skins, pomegranates and turmeric are just some of the resources AMMA collects from local restaurants and hotels to transform into stunning colours.”

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AMMA’s Guide to Natural Dyes


“Today, AMMA is now one of the leading natural dye practitioners in Sri Lanka, and is committed to using this art form as a tool to empower women and advocate for change in the garment industry.

Recently, AMMA launched a wonderful introductory guide for beginners to learn how to use plants as natural dyes. It generously shares some of AMMA’s expertise and aims to inspire anyone and everyone to experiment with the plants and food waste in your kitchen to create natural dyes.”

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