Authentic E-commerce


Illustrations by Katie Tomlinson who captured the subtle beauty of AMMA so wonderfully.


how can we create an e-commerce platform that lives up to the magic of our physical social enterprise?

My starting point with AMMA was never the products, it was always the process.

The stack of books on my bedside table are about philosophy, beauty, faith and the human act of becoming. I love reading about how people experience life, particularly the captivating moment that triggers an evolution into a more true version of who they were created to be.

As I sat in the AMMA workshop one January morning, after a challenging few months and watched our mother makers move and work within the space so fluently. I realised that this was how I imagined it to be when I dreamt up AMMA 5 years earlier. At that moment in time, what was happening around me was the most beautiful things I had ever been apart of creating. I realised that yes, the workshop and the mothers are beautiful in their own accord. However, the true weight of beauty comes from the 5 years that led up to this moment.

The human act of us all becoming together.

I wish I could bottle up the essence of the workshop and sell you that because it’s true medicine for the soul.

Second best, is the physical outcome of what that space can produce. As that outcome is very special, directed by nature and constantly adapting, I didn’t feel like a typical e-commerce structure would do it justice.

So, my team and I got to work re-thinking how we could approach e-commerce in a way that felt authentic to our making process and the natural ingredients that we use. We want you to feel the intimacy of the creative process and vibrant energy of the workshop; not only in the product you choose but in the days between you placing an order and receiving it.



On July 1st we launched our first seasonal monthly collection and named it ‘This Is July’. When we talk about ‘seasonal’ we’re referring to;

  1. Select colour palettes based on available dye plants or what is in abundance that month.

  2. Creating products that use a wide variety of hand skills and techniques so we can keep our whole team making and training. 

  3. Only committing to a select amount of products in each collection which directly relates to our capacity in the workshop.

I have learnt that the responsibility to lead my team well is embracing change and actively looking to improve what we do for our team, enterprise, environment and customer. 

I feel incredibly proud of the products that we have launched and will be launching over the coming months. 


AMMA This Is July Collection, zero waste naturally dyed garments


This is just the start.

Another day of doing business in a way that is more authentic to our team, our resources and values than it was yesterday.

Funnily enough, now that we’ve decided not to move to the rhythm of someone else’s beat, but actively seek out our own, I’m starting to enjoy the product side a whole lot more.

After all, they are like the sound you hear once a musician begins to play her instrument or the happiness you feel after a swim in the sea. They are the result of a magical process which continues to ‘become’ for a long time beyond the AMMA workshop.  

To celebrate the launch of our first seasonal collection ‘This is July’ you can receive 10% off your first order by signing up to our newsletter.

Josie x