Botanical Collaboration with Mayamiko

Introducing a Mayamiko and AMMA accessory collaboration!

We are delighted to be in partnership with sustainable fashion brand Mayamiko. The Botanical Collection has just launched and can be found on their website. It was created out of a shared love for handmade, plant dyed products. Lovingly created for Mayamiko, our products have been made using food waste and plants to compose gorgeous colours which are then dyed onto cotton to create a collection of necklaces, earrings, and belts by our mother makers.

Mayamiko belt.jpg

‘Mayamiko’ is the Chewa word for ‘praise’. After travelling round Africa, Paola Masperi was exposed to the creative talent and skill of people living within economically vulnerable communities. So, she made the inspirational decision to support these communities by transforming their existing creative ability into sustainable employment opportunities. Mayamiko trains and upskills people in tailoring, pattern cutting and seam stressing (just to name a few!) in Malawi. Their style is inspired by traditional African prints and they are committed to ethical business and slow fashion.

Mayamiko is a strong believer in empowering their employees to go beyond and start their own businesses. After their training, employees receive a recognised qualification alongside mentoring and guidance into the next stage of life.


We love to collaborate with like-minded people and put our minds together to create something beautiful and impactful. By businesses such as AMMA and Mayamiko positioning the earth and workers at the top of the hierarchy we are rooting ourselves in a community. Belonging to a wider cause energises our work and spurs on vision and hope for the future of the fashion industry. It is not about insularity, but it is about the generous sharing of knowledge, skills, and resources. Fast fashion supports a system of poverty and AMMA alone will not end this. We all must connect with individuals and businesses which are fighting the same fight.

AMMA is not only part of a global community who care for the earth, but we are also a part of our local community in the very heart of the hilly Sri Lankan tea estates. We collect all our food waste from local restaurants, hotels and juice bars which means we belong and identify with our neighbours, creating lasting relationships. Being an active part of our community has assisted the building of a rural economy and has encouraged the community to flourish into a more hopeful future.


There is a part for all of us. We can all combat fast fashion in some way and we can all belong to a community along the way.

Once again, check out AMMA products at the wonderful Mayamiko, and belong to a community which is passionate about the journey of ending fast fashion and revitalising local markets and traditions.


Words by Izzy Bevir

Photograph by Mayamiko and Megan Brown