Business Done Differently AMMA Value 1: Delicate

We are excited to introduce a mini blog series on AMMA’s values! As the word ‘amma’ means ‘mother’ in Sri Lanka, our values reflect the spectrum of what a mother encompasses as well as the sensitive process that goes into creating our products. Our values sum up every element of AMMA.


amma va;ues .jpg

All that we create at AMMA evolves around our plant-based colour palettes. It is at the core of what we design and what we spend the majority of our time doing. Attentively watching the deepening of colour with expectant hearts. 

Extracting colour takes sensitivity. It requires us to be delicate. 

We have chosen ‘delicate’ to be the first of AMMA’s values. It signifies grace and reflects our products’ pastel tones. Even with sweat dripping from our brow we pursue delicacy in every step of production.   

Creating colour is an artistic process which reflects your individuality. It is either achieved through precise measurement, or, through a more random eyeballing method. To begin with, colours excel in atmospheres of spontaneity and experimentation. Then, once you have discovered your perfect colour, it is all about delicacy and precision. Keeping a dye journal can be a messy yet wonderful way of recording the array of colours you can so easily lose yourself in.



At AMMA we have learnt that colours require watchful affection. This is what makes them so delicate. We achieve our pastel blends by using what we find in our natural surroundings and then embarking on a long, involved exploration of dyeing. Colours are a captivating process of re-discovery and excitement. There is endless room for experimentation and wide-eyed anticipation for unexpected results. Although don’t be fooled, we have had to tweak, develop and learn from many mistakes, but the beauty of creation always entices us return with perseverance and hope.  

AMMA has fallen in love with the colours coaxed from natural dyes: their under-glow of vivid shades, their delicious fragrant and a light and shadow that is so pleasing to the eye. Colour really is living and thriving. 

Meena is our workshop manager and our supreme dyer. She is remarkable at turning plants and food waste into colours we never could have dreamt. Meena has been on a journey of finding beautiful shades for our AMMA products. She has a master dyer’s skill of patience and determination: ready to partner with nature again and again. 

Unknown to many, all the onions, avocados, herbs, and spices sat neatly packed in your kitchen cupboards can be used to dye fabrics. Their colourful potential may be disguised but it is very much available. AMMA’s dye chart illustrates the colourful pigments which are collected from local businesses in Sri Lanka.

We have put together a beginners Natural Dye Guide for all those fascinated by natural colours, but don’t know how or where to begin! It is an inspiring 46 page digital guide that will walk you through natural dyeing step by step. We cannot promise first time results, but we can say that curiosity will keep drawing you to return. Purchase it here and you will be dyeing like an AMMA in no time!


Words by Izzy Bevir

Images of Meena by Jordyn Saunders

Illustration by KT Illustration