Covid-19 Report

Covid-19 Report

the impact of covid-19 on women’s livelihoods across sri lanka.

The outbreak of the pandemic has ignited many conversations. Discussions have fluctuated between economics, politics, the environment, and healthcare (just to name a few). As a social enterprise which is concerned for the planet and people, we wanted to contribute our voice to the discussion around Covid-19. 

In response to the pandemic, we have taken part in conversations with our team in Sri Lanka and as a result we have written a report on the impact of Covid-19 on women’s livelihoods across the island. Included in the piece: 

  • An explanation as to why we have written the report. 

  • Facts and statistics regarding Covid-19 and its impact on Sri Lanka’s garment workforce and women.

  • Quotes from our AMMA employees and their experience of lockdown.

  • AMMA’s role to play in the local community.

  • Change and challenges for AMMA.

  • Final thoughts and appreciation. 

It is no surprise that the devastating impact of Covid-19 has led many to ask the question: what world do we want to live in when this crisis is over? 

We hope it is a world where brands are thriving to support consumers in making sustainable and ethical purchasing decisions. A world where people adopt a refreshed lifestyle of choosing quality over quantity; longevity over trends; and people above profit.

If you are interested in reading the full report then download it as a PDF here.