How to Style the New Kickstarter Collection

We are now 1 week down in our Kickstarter Campaign and to mark this moment we have written a blog post to help you discover how to showcase your unique style while dressing in AMMA’s new collection clothing! 

In the lead up to shooting our new collection Josie, and designer Bella, had a conversation regarding the tone and style of the modelling. It was important that the photographs were in keeping with the nature of the AMMA workshop - scrappy, brimming with creativity, spontaneity, and well, women in all their resourcefulness, compassion, generosity and sisterhood. Good humour, playfulness and joy was at the heart of the shoot reflecting the spirit of the women behind this Kickstarter Campaign. 

Roja Blouse 


Indigo + Eucalyptus/Nelli Fruit + Iron  

This one of a kind blouse was crafted by the whole AMMA team back in January 2020. A month of joyful dreaming and expectant hope went into its development. A true expression of the mothers who made it. 

The Roja Blouse is the simple-inspired blouse of our dreams. It adds a lightweight touch of sophistication to any outfit, the perfect mate for any pair of denim jeans. Or, pair it with wide leg trousers or culottes to create a striking silhouette for those classier occasions. Wear it simply on its own on warm spring days with loose cotton trousers, or style it as an ideal layer over tank tops or a bold roll neck to make your outfit pop during those frosty winter days. Its square neckline works wonders with anything high necked and its wide cut sleeves make it easy to fit your cosy layers underneath. With its ‘tie how you wish’ ties, this short sleeved blouse performs beautifully in any context: comfy or professional. Style with an AMMA Fly High Headscarf and Entwined Jewellery Necklace and make an ethical fashion statement. 

Eliya Skirt

Madder + Eucalyptus Orange

Nelli Fruit Grey

This one size fits all skirt partners with your body, allowing it to change and adapt. An effortless garment which embodies renewal and transformation. We think all clothing should carry these values. 

The Eliya Skirt features a no fuss tie so you can adjust to find your perfect fit. Tuck in your favourite t-shirt to keep things casual, or opt for an elegant top to bring this skirt into the evening. The soft frill brings fun to whatever else you are wearing, especially when paired with simple white trainers and a sweet cropped strappy tank. Keep it soft and girly with a halterneck and sandals in the heat of the sun; style it with a jacket in the transitional seasons; and pair it with tights and a wooly jumper in the colder months. The understated pastel tone is ideal for any minimalist wardrobe. Wear it with an AMMA Carry Courage Bag and you have a graceful summer outfit that won’t go unnoticed. 


32/2 Dress


Indigo + Eucalyptus/Nelli Fruit + Iron

Naturally dyed, zero waste dress Naturally dyed, zero waste skirt Naturally dyed, zero waste skirt Naturally dyed, zero waste skirt 

This ‘two dresses in one’ dress allows beauty and comfort to exist in perfect harmony. Designed with quality and longevity in mind, the stories of our mother makers will keep you company forever. 

The 32/2 dress has endless styling possibilities - it echoes whichever season you dress it for. It’s your goes-with-everything, first-thing-you-reach-for-in-your-wardrobe, never-fails-to-make-you-feel-dignified garment. Piece it with a bright slouchy jumper and thick woolen tights while you warm yourself by the fire, or slip on a pair of white socks and trainers before you head out the door into the glow of a warm summer’s day. The grey colour lends itself to a smart and professional outfit. For a more casual look, the reverse of these, the pink and sea green, are a bit more playful and easy going. We love the 32/2 dress - it can do it all! Featuring a simple tie to wrap round to cinch the waist, creating a classy form-fitting silhouette. Wear your hair in a soft bun using an AMMA scrunchie and watch how it brings an air of sweetness to your outfit. 

We hope this style guide has inspired you to wear AMMA’s New Collection in a myriad of different ways. Be sure to check out our Kickstarter Campaign here and let us know how you get on styling your mother made, naturally dyed garments!

Written by Izzy Bevir and Isabella Goggin.

Photography by Isabella Goggin.

Modelled by Lucy Jones and Izzy Bevir.