Inspiring Makers

We’ve started to make a case recently for the Power of Making. Making was how we formed AMMA and it continues to be at the centre of all that we are. We believe that Making moves us forward, it’s renewing, empowering, transformative and hopeful. 

So in light of that, we want to celebrate and share with you a few of the Makers we love and are consistently inspired by - be it artists, craftspeople, the Makers of incredible food, gardening experts or the creatives and visionaries behind beautiful businesses. We believe anyone and everyone is a Maker, and that Making itself takes many forms. 

Artists and Craftspeople

Sophie Sellu
Sophie Sellu is the creative and visionary behind Grain and Knot. She turns her love of nature and her desire to create with purpose into beautiful wooden objects for the kitchen and home.

Suzanna James
Suzanna James is a knitwear and textile designer based in Cardiff, dedicated to ethics and sustainability. She is a seeker of single origin, fairly traded, naturally dyed yarns and a maker of things that transcend seasons and last well.

Isabella Goggin
Designer and Maker, Isabella Goggin, is the mind behind This Once Was. She creates beautifully unique garments with a focus on versatile sizing and conscious sourcing. We had the joy of working with Bella on our zero waste Kickstarter collection and are consistently inspired by her.

Makoto Fujimara
Makoto Fujimara is a contemporary painter and author whose work is described by Robert Kushner as leading the way as, “a new kind of art, about hope, healing, redemption, refuge, while maintaining visual sophistication and intellectual integrity.” His recent book, ‘Art + Faith’ makes a case for the Power of Making as a hope filled act, something we very much believe in at AMMA.

The Dogwood Dyer
Liz Spencer, otherwise known as The Dogwood Dyer, is a natural dyeing pro. She hosts workshops and sells natural dyeing kits through her online shop, and with a background in lecturing fashion, textiles and sustainability, she’s an esteemed voice in the world of grown colour.

Alexandra Lucas
Alexandra Lucas is an artist and designer based in London. Having studied woven textiles at Central Saint Martins, Alexandra’s work has evolved into the ancient practice of back-strap weaving. In an interview with Eco Stories, she describes her love of the dance of the loom and how she grounds her work in the values of responsibility and sustainability.

Makers of Food

Akki’s Kitchen 
Chath Ginige is the maker behind Akki’s Kitchen. Living in Sydney, with her heritage lying in Sri Lanka, Chath seeks to bring a taste of Sri Lanka to her audience through the recipes on her blog. 

The Sustainable Food Story
The Sustainable Food Story is a self proclaimed ‘supperclub’ that hosts interactive dinners, events, talks and workshops with the aim of connecting people to the origins of their food. Delicious and sustainable - what’s not to love.

Cafe Kumbuk
In the heart of Colombo lies Cafe Kumbuk, a cafe that prides itself on fresh ingredients, healthy food and sustainability as well as being a beautiful place to spend your time. Cafe Kumbuk are long friends of AMMA, they were once the providers for the humble avocado stones we use to create our dusty pink dye.

Shakya and Dulcie Manage
Shakya was born in Colombo and moved over to the UK with her family as a child. Having grown up with her mother Dulcie’s incredible cooking, Shakya missed Sri Lankan recipes when she left home. In an effort to share her love of food and flavour she started her blog - the Sri Lankan Supper Club, and has since been featured on BBC food.

Makers of Beautiful Business

The Zena Brand
Zena is a social enterprise based in Kamuli, Uganda, founded by Loren Thomas and Caragh Bennett on the belief that female entrepreneurship can change stories of poverty and gender inequality. Zena women enter into a programme where they earn a living making beautiful earrings (sold by the Zena Brand), have access to business education and save towards the capital they need to start their own businesses.

RUAS , founded by Aditi Dubey Lee, works with artisans to create beautifully embroidered bag, camera and guitar straps. Their aim is to preserve hand embroidery techniques, cultivate creative community and provide a space for rural artisans to become independent entrepreneurs.

Founded by Paola Maspseri, Mayamiko is a responsible womenswear brand based in Malawi. The brand began with the Mayamiko Trust, a charity established to provide opportunity to disadvantaged women by creating a space for training, education, business mentoring and a micro finance scheme. Graduates often go on to work for Mayamiko, the label.

Joyn creates beautiful bags and accessories produced by makers in Rajpur, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Their vision is to be a vessel of opportunity for underserved communities, connecting incredible artisans and makers with markets. They place a high value on using sustainable materials and have a commitment to creating a wonderful and safe workplace, paying the living wage and providing educational opportunities. 

Shelanu is a collective of migrant and refugee women working in partnership with Craftspace in Birmingham. It’s a space for women to develop craft skills, gain confidence and enhance their well-being through social enterprise. Members are given the opportunity to improve their English, develop business skills and run workshops for the community.

Mindwalk Yoga
Mindwalk yoga is a social enterprise with a mission to make yoga for mental well-being more accessible, affordable and inclusive. They are a Black owned business with a strong focus on Black women’s wellness and increasing representation in the well-being sector. Founded by Zakiya Bishton, Mindwalk Yoga’s ‘virtual studio’ run courses in yoga therapy for anxiety and imposter syndrome and provide support to other charities, social enterprises and businesses through mental health programmes.

The Maker’s Table
The Maker’s Table is a studio space in Auckland where people are invited to gather round a table to make, create and learn. Founded by a friend of AMMA, Liz Crossland, The Maker’s Table encourages people to explore their creativity and develop new life skills, all whilst promoting slow creation and sustainability.

Making with Gardening and Florals

Flowers by Imogen
Flowers by Imogen prides itself in being an eco-conscious florist. Based in the UK, all of Imogen’s flowers are sourced locally and selected seasonally. Imogen produces beautiful installations and bouquets for events as well as hosting workshops.

Reema’s Garden
With humble beginnings as Reema’s gardening blog, Reema’s Garden now provides e-books and online courses to help ‘urbanites’ pursue the joy of gardening. Their mission is to help people pursue simplicity, creativity and more intentional living believing that gardening can provide a valuable perspective shift.

Us on Earth
Us On Earth began when Medhini Igoor and Abishek Devaraj took their bare two acre land just outside of Colombo and embarked on a journey of growing their own produce, out of a desire to become more connected to what they consume. Before long their newfound hobby developed, and they now sell their produce with the hope of educating fellow urbanites on sustainable farming and food sourcing in the process.

Garden Needs
Based in Salford in the UK, Garden Needs is a charity that emphasises the power of outdoor space and fresh air in promoting mental wellbeing. They offer a variety of programmes based in their community garden including ‘Woodland Wellbeing’ and ‘Mental Health and Horticulture’. 
These are just a few of the Makers AMMA loves and is inspired by - do go and have a look at their wonderful work. 

Are there any inspiring Makers you love or follow? Let us know! As always, we’d love to hear from you.