Making Of: Out Botanical Rainbow

Fabrics are a part of our everyday and they live in every corner of our households. They evoke feelings of familiarity and comfort. They make us ‘feel at home’. They have their own ‘life’ from the raw beginnings to the finished product. The story behind AMMA’s Botanical Rainbow Scarf is no different.



Our beautiful Botanical Rainbow Scarf is another marker in AMMA’s journey towards creating garments from food waste. It is no secret that the square shaped scarf blends all our favourite plant dyed colours, including, avocado stone, onion skin, nelli, indigo, eucalyptus and madder root. 

AMMA has long been captivated by the art of hand weaving and we have wished to incorporate the skill into our very own workshop. Now, under the attentive guidance of our master weaver Mary, we are selling 20 handwoven, naturally dyed cotton scarfs! 

Our Botanical Rainbow Scarf is the result of a continuous relationship with traditional Sri Lankan craft techniques. Mary is 67 years old and AMMA’s finest weaver. Prior to working for AMMA she taught weaving in the local district weaving centres. By committing to a zero-waste philosophy and empowering women in their local market, AMMA is celebrating the traditions and the people of the hilly Sri Lankan tea estates.


In a contemporary industry which requires tremendous electricity and harmful chemicals, AMMA is a refreshing voice. Our scarf is a tangible example of AMMA’s devotion to the wellbeing of our environment and people. The environmental impact is considered at every stage of the design and making process, as well as within our workshop space. Food waste required for the scarf has been collected from local restaurants, hotels and juice bars and then revitalised into complementary soft pastel colours. Hand weaving our scarfs requires zero electricity and produces no pollution while also employing women in a traditional skill which is sadly dying out due to the demand of cheap synthetic materials. 

Naturally dyed yarn  


Living in a digital society, the desire for good quality material has risen. Hand weaving is a process which considers the natural world and gives AMMA women responsibility and the space to be creative. It soothes our high-speed lifestyle by reminding us that quality and longevity in materials takes patience and time. Hand weaving is one of the oldest crafts. By incorporating it into AMMA’s making process we are collaborating with long forgotten creativity that has been lost to the emergence of fast fashion.

Every one of AMMA’s scarfs is a hand-crafted good carrying the stories of our mother makers. They reveal the human handprint that is faithful in every step of creativity and production. Each scarf is delicately polished with a hand stitched AMMA label as the finishing touch from our remarkable women.


                        Naturally dyed, handwoven scarf


Our AMMA women are currently working hard in the workshop. They are in the messy yet beautiful process of dyeing and weaving, getting our Botanical Rainbow Scarfs ready to be dispatched all around the world. If you would like to purchase one of Mary’s wonderfully handmade scarfs and be the finishing piece to our mother made process then click here to get yours today.


Written by Izzy Bevir

Images by Lucy James