The Intimate Setting of a Maker Space

Visitors bring a fresh perspective to the work we do at AMMA. Our rural location means that we can go a while without experiencing a different point of view from someone we trust. January brought with it three wonderful women who not only gave there skills and time for free but also there encouragement and advice regards to the work we do. They helped to remind us of how special and unique our organization is, the daily rituals that make us AMMA and the patterns of being, that form the space in which our products are created.


If December was a time of readjusting and reflection at AMMA, January was a time of ‘go’. So much growth happened amongst our team and product range in one month that myself and Isabella (pattern cutter superstar) would laugh at the fact we didn’t want to take a break in fear of missing something new being achieved; like our new zero waste, one size fits all, skirt, being completed!  We would both set up office amongst the clattering of handlooms, the spinning of yarn and hammering of sewing machines so we could absorb the atmosphere of making in action as much as possible.

This is one thing I truly miss when I’m away. The beautiful vibrancy of an environment in which raw materials become a carefully crafted product around me, as if like magic.

Our determination at AMMA to bring as much of our process under one roof has meant that our sampling is pretty quick, we can weave, spin, dye, cut and sew an idea into reality in a few days. Walking into AMMA you are hit by the reality of how textiles are made, and this is becoming an even bigger part of our vision and mission. We have started opening up our workshop to visitors, students and tourists to encourage more people to learn about these traditional textile processes through our ‘How to Dye with Plants’ sessions and hope to build on this educational aspect of what we do further in 2020.

When you haven’t experienced the humble strength of the AMMA workshop for yourself it may be easy to pass over AMMA as another clothing brand, but that is what we are not. AMMA advocates for an alternative to fast fashion through women-led rural textile production that priorities people and the planet. Our products, however important and loved by us are simply a pathway leading us towards our bigger vision.

So, we welcome and invite you to experience the mother power force that is AMMA for yourself. However, it takes a lot of work and relationship-building to create an environment like the one we have in Nuwara Eliya and we ask that you respect it. Tread lightly, arrive with curiosity and the desire to learn. Treat AMMA as though you were being invited into a home and not a public space. We want to share what and how we make with everyone but its an intimate thing being invited into a maker’s space.

Josie x