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Sept 2019: Behind the Seams

AMMA was included in TRAID’s most recent booklet about sustainable fashion and the projects they are supporting worldwide.


Sept 2019: Cause Artist Podcast

Jazzmine Raine interviewed AMMA Founder, Josie for episode 8 of the Impact India podcast. With a focus on the fashion industry, life on Sri Lanka’s tea estates and AMMAs training program.

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Sept 2019: Harpy Magazine

Harpy is a UK based online magazine that focuses on writing about feminist discussion and under represented voices. Josie was interviewed by Maria Osvalds at the AMMA workshop.

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Deborah Grace

Deborah is a wonderful photographer, who kindly offered her time to take the photos you see on this website. She shares some thoughts alongside her beautiful images on her journal.

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A look at the issues that AMMA aims to solve.

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AMMA founder Josie writes a blog post for AMMA funding partner TRAID. She writes about how and why she set up AMMA and some of the difficulties facing women living in the Sri Lankan highlands.

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The Circle NGO

AMMA founder Josie is interviewed by The Circle member Dushy Rabinath. Josie talks about paying a living wage and the key mission of AMMA.

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Follow Sascha

Sascha Pare writes about her experience spending a few weeks working along side the mothers at the AMMA workshop.

[All credit goes to Sascha for coming up with the beautiful embroidered plant 'recipes' featured on each of our scarfs.]

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Wunder Workshop

Wunder Workshop are a London based functional food brand making organic turmeric based products, using Sri Lankan grown turmeric.

Warren & Josie spoke about their lifestyle and purpose living in the Sri Lankan highlands running AMMA.

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DAMDAM are a Tokyo based cosmetics company that focus on developing organic & 100% natural skincare. AMMA collaborated with DAMDAM on a naturally dyed bag & pouch line for their press launch.

In the following blog they talk to AMMA founder Josie about the process of natural dyeing and starting a social enterprise.

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Molly Whyte

Molly is based in the UK and works in charity communications whilst studying for her MA. She interviewed founder Josie about everything AMMA.

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Cafe Kumbuk

Is our wonderful donator of avocado stones, what stars! They wrote this great blog about what we do with them and the process of extracting the dye.