Our process takes time, we develop our own dye recipes based on the local food waste, flowers or plants we can source and this is always changing. The results we get are dependent heavily on the environment and quality of water which means every piece of fabric we produce is unique. This is essential to AMMA and we find it the most beautiful part of our process.

Nestled amongst vegetable patches and surrounded by majestic eucalyptus forests, the environment we work in reflects the fabrics we produce. Our workshop is currently set up to support three aspects of textile production; natural dyeing, sewing and hand embroidery. Natural dyeing is the focus of all that we do at AMMA. We only use our own naturally dyed fabrics for all the products we make or the collaborations we do. 

You can view our range of naturally dyed products in the 'Shop' section of this website, we have worked hard to develop a textile range that reflects the simple AMMA aesthetic with the focus being on colour.  

At AMMA we often get asked about collaborations, although these aren't our daily focus we are open to hearing your ideas and if your ethos and ethics are similar to ours then we could be a good fit.

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