Meet the Makers

We employ based on commitment and enthusiasm, not prior experience. We are in this for the long haul, believing it is better to invest in people by providing training in dyeing and sewing along with personal development & life skills. 

The mothers we employ come from the tea estates that surround our workshop. They are from low income backgrounds and are now principle contributors to the household finances. We could not be prouder of this, and see our employees becoming role models within their communities.  










“My friends didn’t believe that i worked for AMMA and that i can sew now because AMMA is my first job. Now they believe me , they are encouraging me to learn lots of things and buy a sewing machine.” - P



Workshop Manager.



Staff Development.

In addition to the above staff team, we have "R’, our pattern cutting apprentice, L + C who are on maternity leave and two women in the North of Sri Lanka who hand weave our raw cotton fabric.

Life Skills

Every Friday we hang up the AMMA aprons for one hour to tackle some of the daily issues that face our staff members. Lead by ”A”, topics such as emotional health, communication, parenting and nutrition bring serious taboo topics like mental illness, suicide and alcoholism to the surface, creating a safe space for our staff members to share their fears.



Founder + Director

“J” and her husband “W” have been working on the vision of AMMA since January 2016, and May 2017 saw the opening for the first AMMA workshop with two staff members. J studied BA Textile Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London where she spent most of her time at the handlooms or in the dye room. J skips between the office + workshop and you can read more about her story on the journal.