AMMA x Mayamiko Collaboration


Our team at AMMA are passionate about seeing a revival of traditional textile techniques incorporated back into the mainstream fashion and textile industry. Our design studio allows brands to work with our experienced team and see their designs realised through research, sample development and consultation. Choosing to work with a social enterprise to develop your samples and designs allows you to make a bigger impact through your design and manufacturing process.

The service we provide has grown from the frequent requests we receive to develop and produce products for other brands. We believe fully in the power collaboration has in transforming our world, so our Design Studio is our offering to share what we have learnt over the last five years and make a bigger impact globally.


AMMA x Wunder Workshop Pouch Collaboration

Why work with AMMA?

  • AMMA has championed a ‘many processes under one roof’ approach to textile production, in a world where textiles is becoming increasingly decentralised. This allows us to have more control over our supply chain, allowing for speedier sample production and peace of mind as to how team members are cared for and the salaries they are paid.

  • AMMA is a social enterprise which for us means we exist to serve the community in which we work and to benefit the wider world through the research and practices that we develop. We commit to re-investing profits to grow the mission and vision of AMMA and to provide employment for more women living rurally.

  • AMMA is one of the leading organisations actively practicing natural dye in Sri Lanka. Working with local juice bars and hotels to re-purpose food waste into non toxic textile dyes.

  • Our design studio is led by UK trained textile practitioners who have experience of working within the textile, fashion and costume design industries. All who have decided to dedicate their professional lives to finding ingenious methods of combating fast fashion.  

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