Creating design-led products that respond to the regional environment by using dyes that are derived from plants.

Our workshop is a special place where we push the boundaries of design using traditional textile processes that are gentler on the environment and provide greater rural employment. The fashion and textile industry is one of the largest polluting industries worldwide and we believe that the route to tackling fast fashion is through re-connecting people with the processes that go into creating their clothing and textiles. At AMMA our focus is on the following techniques:


Natural dyes and natural fibers used in the AMMA workshop
Zero waste pattern cutting and handweaving in the amma workshop.
Embroidery and machine sewing in the amma workshop.

Working towards a regenerative textile economy.

In November 2020 AMMA launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch our new collection of zero-waste garments and accessories. We successfully raised over our initial target allowing AMMA to flourish and overcome the challenges of COVID-19. To learn more about our collection and textile processes check out the campaign video.