AMMA works closely with Tea Leaf Vision (TLV), an organisation which provides high quality education to disadvantaged youth living in and around Sri Lanka's tea estates. TLV’s aim is facilitating the development of tea estate communities through practical and relevant education. AMMA is supported by the staff and community of TLV with the aim of reinvesting profits generated by AMMA back into TLV initiatives in the future. You can find more about the work of Tea Leaf vision and their UK partner Tea Leaf Trust here TRAID is a UK based charity that works to recycle and reuse waste clothing and textiles. They take a circular and sustainable approach to the problems caused by clothes waste, tackling disposal, consumption and education. TRAID uses funds generated by clothing sales to fund international development projects that are acting as catalysts of change in the textile industry. Since September 2018 AMMA is thrilled to be one of the projects chosen to receive TRAID funding. You can find out more about the work of TRAID here.