"Making is wholly progressive - it moves humanity forward."



A message from AMMA Founder, Josie. 

Over AMMAs five year existence I've had the honour of journeying alongside many people who have spoken to me about how the practice of Making has infused their lives with fresh hope and restoration. I can testify this to be true in my own life and I've witnessed this play out in the lives of my friends and colleagues in Sri Lanka and around the world. 

I've experienced how Making can provide livelihoods which sustain families, give greater agency, and empower women to share their knowledge; applying the principles of Making to solve problems.


I've hired women who have looked at me puzzled, as I presented them with a handful of avocado stones and showed them how to extract the colour pink. Then a year later watch them proudly educate tourists in the process. 

All humans are Makers. I am 100% sure of this and with each passing day I feel a greater urgency for humanity to embrace this truth; because with Making comes awareness.  


I believe that it’s our disconnect from the traditional processes of Making, which were once embedded within society such as; weaving, cooking, gardening and carpentry which has facilitated a mass human unawareness of the materials, time, energy and people power that goes into making the products we use everyday; therefore driving over consumption and environmental destruction.

Until we start thinking with our fingers, engaging our senses, and valuing a somatic approach to the way we structure and grow our world, my worry is that we will continue to apply quick fixes to the big problems we currently face.

The Characteristics of Making

AMMA was created in the only way I know how, through mirroring my tactile knowledge of the creative process, as a weaver, and then applying that process to the systems that build an organisation. 

I’ve learnt that this isn’t the slickest or quickest way to start something but instead it is a slow, thorough, methodical growth which honours the wisdom of Making as central to everything in existence and practiced as much by animals and trees as it is by humans. Through this journey I’ve observed the common threads that continue to define how I and others interact with the process of Making. 


"We are free to take flight in the grace of it's sustaining currents without knowing where the wind comes from."
- Makoto Fujimura


Making is inherently progressive, it moves everything forward, therefore it requires us to believe that even the mistakes and moments of suffering we encounter are opportunities for renewal.


Making always gives back to us in abundance. In this sense making always empowers, it never abuses, it turns our small offering into more than we could imagine. It transforms people as it transforms delicate fibers into strong fabric.


Making is a process based on hope. Hope doesn’t need you to have the answers, it just needs you to consent to the journey. Partnering with The Power of Making leads you down unfamiliar paths and without hope, we give up, but with hope, we unearth the magic of life.


Making is your ability to transform how you interpret the world, how you show up for people and how you interact with your environment.

"...with making comes awareness."  AMMA-Cleo-Rigby-Hands-Making-Illustration

Embracing Making requires you to engage greater awareness of your senses. 
Seeing: To stay present with what is before you long enough for the most familiar of objects to reveal their mystery and stimulate your curiosity igniting your imagination to make. Hearing: To find the in-between moments where sound meets silence and consider how sound can form the boundaries and rhythm of your making. Feeling: To reach out and greet the made in deconstructed form and allow the character of the materials to direct what they want to become.
My hope is that as you engage more with the work we do here at AMMA the essence and energy of our workshop will inspire and equip you to dedicate a space in your life to learn, play and discover the renewing, empowering, hopeful and transformative benefits of Making.

If you are anything like me by this point you’re probably itching to get off your screen and start Making. We would love to accompany you on that journey. Making doesn’t necessarily become any easier over time but it becomes a more defining part of you.

Making always gives back to you in abundance, nothing is wasted, it turns your small offering into more than you could have imagined. 

One day you’ll wake up and realise your wings are stronger, more colourful and resilient than before. That’s The Power of Making.