Since launching AMMA in May 2017 we have been refining our creative process with the aim of placing our dye process and natural colours at the centre of what we do and all that we make. This has been a journey of experimentation, discovering what it is we value most about plant dyes and harnessing their greatest qualities in relation to the products we produce.

At AMMA we don't work to fleeting trends or replaceable collections, we intend our products to be heirloom textiles. With this in mind we see 'palettes' as the foundational principle in how we create, each palette is a carefully considered colour story harnessed from nature which will change and adapt over time. 

We see 'palettes' balancing on the blurry line between fine art and textile design, with AMMA producing both fine art palettes and intricate soft furnishings. 

Starting at the beginning, 'Palette One' will be released early June 2018.