Head Wraps

Head Wraps


Lightweight and easy to style head wraps; made from our handwoven, single yarn cotton fabric. The wrap unfolds into a 65cm x 65cm square scarf that could be worn in a variety of ways. Available in three colour ways:

Madder root - dark pink

Avocado stone - light pink

King coconut + indigo - grey

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About Our Fabric

Our handwoven unbleached cotton fabric is produced for us by a women’s cooperative in the north of Sri Lanka using traditional, manual hand looms. No electricity needed! All of our fabrics are hand-dyed by our committed team of women makers in our rural workshop based in Sri Lanka’s central Highlands.

As all AMMA fabrics are made by hand, you should expect slight variations in colour and texture - we believe this simply makes each product more beautiful, it being one of a kind. Although we always try our best to replicate colours closely, please expect your fabric to be within a spectrum of the colour photographed. Light and environment make a huge difference to naturally dyed fabrics, making capturing colour a challenge.

We have two weights in each colour - both are suitable for clothing and lightweight soft furnishings.  ‘Double yarn’ is the heavier of the two and produces slightly stronger colours. We use it for our aprons, tote bags, cushions and pouches. ‘Single yarn’ is similar to a muslin weight fabric - slightly transparent and super soft. We use it for clothing and ribbons. 

Care Instructions

Naturally-dyed fabrics need to be cared for differently to synthetically-dyed fabrics. All dyes eventually fade over time, including synthetic ones! Natural dyes will alter and change in shade and tone over a period of time. To preserve the lifecycle of your fabric we recommend storing your fabric out of direct sunlight and washing below 30 degrees Celsius using an eco washing soap (chemical based soaps may alter the colour) on a hand wash machine cycle. 


We dye to order, reducing waste and excess stock. Please allow 1 week before dispatch of your products and then 1-3 weeks for delivery depending on your delivery preference.


In the event that your items arrive damaged or to an unacceptable quality please take a photograph and email to hello@ammasrilanka.com.